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Workforce Specialist

Our workforce specialists understand the behavior, expectations and motivation of employees when they seek an outside party to deal with their concerns. At Industrial Relations Consultants, we guide employers to engage in tried and true methods which can dramatically increase worker satisfaction, productivity and appreciation of management's perspective.  
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Union Avoidance

Most companies prefer to maintain a union-free work environment. Labor unions are expensive to employees and managers alike: they can increase operating costs, decrease productivity, and lead to antagonism between management and the workforce. We specialize in assisting our clients to solve potential problems proactively and avoid the unnecessary costs associated with labor unions.
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Supervisory Training

One of the easiest steps any management team can take to avoid the unnecessary formation of a labor union is to institute an ongoing training program for supervisors. Through the enactment of best practices with a proven track record of success, we train your managerial staff on how to deal with a wide variety of employee issues where labor relations problems can frequently occur.
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Employee Relations

Keeping a healthy relationship between management and the workforce is the most important part of any successful labor relations strategy. Our clients trust us to provide them with actionable plans consisting of quality, long-term labor relations strategies. The results can impact savings for years and years down the road. 
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